Mission Statement

Working with KCE means partnering with our drive to deliver high calibre projects that are efficient, considered and safe.


At KCE we:

– welcome skilled and motivated people to our TEAM

supporting, inspiring and assisting in training, to help them achieve their potential, while delivering superior projects.

– approach each project with the drive to INNOVATE

seeking individual solutions, using best practice techniques and the latest methodologies in a flexible, efficient manner.

– value building and nurturing strong PARTNERSHIPS

knowing our clients’ objectives, communicating clearly with all stakeholders and delivering on agreed project parameters.

– recognise the importance of ENVIRONMENTAL

considerations employing waste minimisation techniques and resource recovery to reduce output to landfill and increase cost efficiencies.

– encourage a SUSTAINABLE

approach to business strengthening our business through robust systems and sound practices to increase client confidence and industry standing.

– actively participate in and support our COMMUNITY

championing local community groups, charities, sporting teams and industry organisations, employing local talent, and using local suppliers and contractors.