Tamworth Base Hospital - Enabling & Main Works

Client: Richard Crookes Construction on behalf of NSW Health

Cost: $1.5M

Capability: Government Works

Location: Tamworth

Duration:  22 weeks


Tamworth Rural Referral Hospital required a new, dedicated, purpose-built acute service building to be constructed within the existing Hospital Campus. To enable the new Acute Services Building, KCE were contracted to undertake significant earthworks for the construction of the building, upgrade existing intersections, and the construction of an additional carpark.

Scope of work:

• 42 000m3 of bulk excavation
• Construction of a 135 lot carpark and associated road furniture
• Stormwater drainage
• Detailed excavation and benching to facilitate the construction of a 5m high, near vertical rock bolted / shotcrete wall
• Demolition of existing pavement surfaces and structures

Highlights and challenges:

• Program Milestones were achieved which was critical for the overall project development
• Bulk excavation and haulage was undertaken within the confines of the existing operational hospital
• A significant quantity of rock was removed during the bulk excavation phase
• The bulk excavation phase was carefully managed taking into consideration existing live underground services which were critical for the operation of the hospitals current services