Oaklands Estate Stages 1 & 2

Client: Nunworth

Cost: $2.4M

Capability: Rural Residential Subdivisions

Location: Tamworth

Duration: 26 weeks


Oaklands Estate is a 17 lot rural residential subdivision located on Nundle Road within close proximity to the Tamworth CBD. A significant upgrade of the external water reticulation infrastructure was also constructed by KCE to support new and potential future development within the area.

Scope of work:

• 1.4km of new rural roads and drainage
• Intersection works on Nundle Road
• In excess of 3km of internal utilities installation (including water, electrical and NBN)
• 3.5km of 200mm diameter DICL lead-in water main
• 5.0m wide twin cell box culvert over an existing creek

Highlights and challenges:

• Constructed under strict conditions enforced by NSW fisheries whilst working within the existing creek
• Installation and testing of a 3.5km, 200mm diameter DICL watermain from Nemingha to Oaklands Estate. The 3.5km watermain was constructed within the existing corridor for Nundle Road requiring traffic control for the full duration