Northern Access Road & Void Access Road

Client: Xstrata Coal NSW

Cost: $1.6M

Capability: Mining Infrastructure

Location: Ravensworth

Duration: 14 weeks


Xstrata Coal NSW undertook a significant expansion of the existing Ravensworth North Coal mine. The scope of this project involved the construction of the Northern Access Road as part of the Macquarie Generation interim works, along with internal Access roads and pipeline access tracks as part of the Void 4 infrastructure relocation.

Scope of work:

• 3 x 1800mm diameter, 41m long corrugated steel culverts including headwalls and scour protection
• 486m sealed access road over Bayswater Creek
• 2500m of gravel access roads
• Pavement construction with 20/10 seal
• Line-marking
• Guardrails

Highlights and challenges:

• Works were constructed in and around operational sites and with numerous interfaces associated with ongoing operations and other mine expansion projects
• An isolated window of 2 weeks was provided to construct the creek crossing. All creek crossing works were completed within 12 day / night shifts
• During this project KCE had to manage many significant issues, including tight time constraints, a constantly changing program, design changes, wet weather & siginificant quantities of unsuitable material being found
• Zero runoff was permitted within the creek