Environmental & Remediation

Restoring purpose and function to used sites cost effectively

KCE have had extensive involvement in Environmental and Remediation projects spanning 3 decades.

Our varied experience includes remediation of sites involving a number of contaminants and former land uses including:

  • Fuel storage depots
  • Landfills
  • Unauthorised landfill and dumped contaminants
  • Former mining land and leases
  • Other former industrial use

Many of our environmental and remediation works have formed part of larger projects. These projects have taken advantage of effective partnerships with clients and consultants to develop and implement site specific strategies to remediate or re-purpose land. Common conditions for environmental and remediated sites include:

  • Acid Sulfate Soils
  • Hydrocarbon contamination, including bioremediation and offsite disposal
  • Removal of underground storage tanks, verification and monitoring
  • Asbestos contamination, various types and conditions including containment areas, concentration reduction and offsite methods
  • Heavy metals and other substances

Such sites have been effectively remediated or re-purposed into land uses including residential lots, industrial lots, commercial and industrial sites and wetland habitats and ponds.

Further detailed information and past project scopes are available on request.